The Stick in the Stream

 “All of us who have come here to practice: Walk in a way that correctly follows the Dhamma of the Buddha. Follow in line with his footsteps, in line with virtue, concentration, and discernment so that your practice is right, and I firmly believe that the results are sure to arise within you.

It’s like cutting a stick and throwing it into the current of a stream. If the stick doesn’t go rotten and it doesn’t get snagged on the far bank or the near bank of the stream, it’ll keep on floating along with the current. And you can be sure that it’ll eventually reach the ocean.

One of the stream banks is pleasure. The other bank is pain. The stick is your mind. As it floats along with the current of the stream, pleasure will bump into it, pain will bump into it often. As long as your mind doesn’t grasp onto the pleasure or the pain, it’ll reach the current flowing to nibbana: respite and peace.”

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