The One Mango Explained

“This mango is first small, then it’s half-ripe, then it’s ripe. When it’s ripe, is it the same mango as the small one? When it comes out as a flower, it’s this mango. When it’s small, it’s this mango. When it’s big, it’s the same mango.

When it’s half-ripe, it’s the same mango. When it’s ripe, it’s the same mango.

The same with virtue, concentration, and discernment: Virtue, in simple terms, is abandoning evil. A person without virtue is hot. If he abandons evil, he cools down, for he has no guilt. That lack of guilt is the reward of virtue. It makes the mind peaceful. The mind gets concentrated.

When the mind is concentrated, it’s clear and clean. You can see lots of things in it. It’s like water with no ripples: If you look into it, you see not only the reflection of your face. You can see all the way to the roof above you.

When birds fly past, you can see them, too.

So these things are all the same thing, like the one mango.”

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