The Mind of Clear Light

The most essential nature of our mind is called the “Mind of Clear Light” in all the Tibetan traditions. It’s the goal for all practitioners. It’s the primordially enlightened mind of a Buddha.

It’s not produced through practice, meditation, acquiring virtue, renunciation or transformation. It’s our basic state that can only be self-revealed.

It requires initially an inward view into the very nature of our own consciousness. The mind looks at itself nakedly without intellectual grasping.

It’s like looking into a mirror in order to see the qualities of the mirror itself instead of attention being limited to the reflections. The glass mirror is seen to be clear and transparent; vividly bright.

Likewise the mind when directed upon itself as an empty aware knowing, it’s most essential nature can be self-revealed and self-known. That self-knowing is a quality of the mirror itself not secondary knowledge and assumption from without.”

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